Products >GC20688-DC series Heavy duty compound feed locksticher with large hook,edge cutter and edge binder

Function Introduction

Max. sewing speed:2800R.P.M
Edge cutter,binder,big size rubbish groove
Automatic thread trimmer,compound feed,automatic lubrication
Suitable for car seat,car interior decoration,sofa,suitcase,bag,etc

This model is a new product specially designed for stitching leather, nylon, synthetic leather, canvas, etc. It has the functions of auto thread trimming, auto back tacking, auto presser foot lifting, presser foot alternation changing- over and auto stitch length changing-over. With precise edge cutting, edge binding and chip disposing devices, it can perform stitching, edge cutting and edge binding simultaneously. The cutting chips can be removed easily through the wide waste chute of 150mm x 74mm. The cutting motion is synchronized with inter presser foot. The max thickness to be cut is 7mm. The standard cutting width is 8mm and the standard binder is 26mm. It is available in stitching car seat, car interior, tent, umbrella, travel luggage, sports goods, etc.

Product Parameters


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