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Function Introduction

Max. sewing speed:2500RMP
Sewing scope:100*60mm
Direct servo motor drive,USB pattern input terminal,programmer with machine
Suitable sewing trade mark,bar tacking and decoration stitching on trunk,bag,garment,etc.

HLK-1006 is product of Highlead brand electronic pattern sewing machine series. Equipped with high accurate electronic control system and high performance servo motor driving, sewing pattern, stitch number and stitch length can be set at discretion within the range by a programmer or USB connection. With the feature of precise design, precise driving, convenient pattern input,convenient pattern revision and convenient pattern recall, itis ahigh efficient equipment for bar tacking and decoration stitching inthe industries of trunk & bag, garment, etc.
HLK-1006(LB) Electronic pattern sewing machine (For trade mark only)

Product Parameters


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