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Function Introduction

Sewing speed: HLK-430 3200R.P.M,HLB-430 2700R.P.M
Direct drive,saving energy,intelligent control operation system,stable
Dry head,no oil pollution,high quality of low tension sewing,perfect stitch
Good at sewing heavy material and sewing material adaptability, high productivity.

HLK-430 direct drive electronic bartacking machine and HL B-430 direct drive electronic button sewing machine are two sub-class products of Highlead brand electronic pattern sewing machine series. They are equipped with mini powerful direct drive servo mator, Chinese professional pattern sewing intelligent control system and high accurate stepping motor for feeding and presser lfting.With dozens of standard bartacking and button sewing patterns stored in a built-in system, the user can upgrade the software and edit patterns quickly and conveniently by using a universal memory card. The special operating panel with the machine enables users to set and modify the sewing modes and parameters easily within the range of 40 x 30mm. With an optional pattern editing software,pattern sewing can also be done within this range, but the special presser tootshould be purchased additionally. These subclasses have semi dry machine head only with minimum oil supply in hook and special grease on other movable parts, So they are featuring no contamination for tabrics, easy operation, simple maintenance, wide application and high production efficiency as an ideal equipment for producing garments

Product Parameters


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