Products >GC24699 Adjustable high post bed compound feed loxkstitch sewing machine

Function Introduction

Max. sewing speed:1600R.P.M
Adjustable super high post bed,compound feed,semi-auto lubrication
Available for sewing large and cubic articles wih small radius,such as boots,handbags,has,perwigs,case&bags,ect

This machine is a serial product of Highlead brand high post bed lockstitch sewing machines,which is designed with compound feeding mechanism for stitching multi-layer materials,high post bed and special needle plate for stitching surfaces with small radius.The special high post bed can be tilted toward the machine operators,so that it is convenient for the machine operators to put material to be sewn onto or remove it from the high post bed.It is available for stitching boots,handbags,hats,periwigs,etc.

Product Parameters


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